Rubber Wristband Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Wristbands for the that Special Event

Wristbands used to be fashion accessories but they quickly evolved into something more. From party favors to promotional material, these hand accessories have progressed so that there are multiple options for the user. Depending on your specific needs, here are the different types of wristbands and what you should buy to meet your goal.

Plastic Wristbands

Incredibly hardy and available in a multitude of colors, plastic wristbands are tear-resistant and waterproof. This makes them perfect for events and occasions where things might get a bit rowdy or active for the wearer. With plastic, there’s little chance of the item being torn off the wrist, plus they’re very easy to slip on and off since most of them are slightly elastic. With plastic being a very common material today, there’s also very little chance that a wearer will be allergic to it. What’s more, you can design it with various markings and color code an event if it’s necessary.

Plastic wristbands are best used for camping, school field trips, festivals, and concerts. Anything that would likely last for more than a day should opt for this to guarantee continued usability.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands are like paper but sturdier. They’re tear-resistant and waterproof as well, but not in the same level as plastic wristbands. They’re very light on the wrist and often attached using a sticky end of the band. This way, there’s no chance of the wristband being torn off and transferred to another person. Like plastic, they can come in different colors.

These Tyvek bands are commonly used in bars, concerts, nightclubs, school events, and fairs. Some producers even create Tyvek with a tear-off strip that can be exchanged for food and drinks. They’re not built for long-term use and should be limited to events that do not last more than a day. They’re also remarkably cheaper than other types in the market.

Holographic Wristbands

Holographic rubber wristbands are really more about fun than anything else. If you want to put some added buzz to an event, these are the wristbands to get. They’re also made from polyethylene plastic but the surface comes with a reflective design that makes it stand out from the crowd. Hence, they’re often used for concerts, talks, conferences, exclusive events, and resorts.

Since they’re hardy, these wristbands can be kept and used for a long time. They can be utilized for any event – especially if you want an occasion to have a touch of glamour. Definitely, those who wear holographic wristbands will feel an additional sense of being “special” if this is what they get from an event.

Thermal Wristbands

Thermal wristbands are perfect if you want added security to an event. These bands can be stamped with whatever design or code on the spot – unique to the person wearing it. Sure, this can also be used as a promotional material or as a take-home accessory for kids after a birthday party – but they’re more commonly used to keep everyone safe. These thermal wristbands can be stamped with a QR code that helps a person access different parts of a building depending on their security level. It can also help pair up parents and kids during an outdoor activity.

Currently, you’ll find thermal wristbands being used in museums, trampoline parks, and other family entertainment places.


Vinyl is often premium quality and made to last. This is why you’ll often find them worn in active environments because there’s little chance that the vinyl will be torn off. If you’re planning wristbands for a sporting event, waterparks, amusement parks, and resorts – vinyl would be the ideal choice. It also comes in different colors so color coding is possible if needed.


Finally, there’s cloth wristbands which is made from the same material as lanyards. They’re often brightly colored and thus perfect for events where you want participants to be immediately recognized. They’re also very soft and comfortable on the wrists – although there’s a tendency of remaining damp when exposed to water.

Cloth wristbands – especially those with bright colors – are best worn by children in field trips and in camp.

Of course, the events listed here are just some examples where wristbands can be used. No matter what occasion you’re trying to deal with, you’ll find that adding these wristbands can do so much in turning an event into something more memorable for the people involved.

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